About Cuttack  

Cuttack City is situated in between two major rivers i.e.  Mahanadi and Kathajodi, as such its geographical expansion towards north and south is limited.

The Population of   the city has been increased considerably during the last few decades. To provide residential   and commercial   facilities to the  increased  demand of population,   a High level   committee under  the Chairmanship of R.D.C. ( CD), Cuttack  was  constituted with reference  to Revenue  Department, Memo   No. 3441/ R/dt. 14.8.83 regarding extension of Cuttack city.

The committee suggested expansion of the city towards the Bidanasi area beyond the existing protective embankment of Kathajori   and Mahanadi.  About 2000   acres of land was made available for   expansion of Cuttack City and   the development work was entrusted to   CDA. Accordingly CDA has taken out   ‘Bidanasi   Triangle Development Project’ comprising of 15   sectors divided into residential, institutional and commercial   sectors.   By now, CDA has under­taken Plotted Development Scheme of Sector-1, Sector-6, Sector-7, Sector-8, Sector-9, Sector-10, Sector-11, Sector-12(P), and Sector-13.

Lands of this project under the Bidanasi Triangle Development area comprise both Govt. and private lands.  In case of Govt. land, CDA submits alienation proposal   before the Revenue Authorities for its alienation in favour of CDA. The private lands are acquired under land acquisition proceedings under Land Acquisition Act.