In order to regulate development, the Cuttack Development authority was constituted in the year, 1983 under the provisions of ODA Act. By virtue of this Act, the Planning Branch of CDA under takes various exercises on planning and development of the area under the jurisdiction of the Authority. The Planning Member is the Head of Planning Branch and is being supported by one Assistant Planners and one Junior Town Planners along with other staff. Starting from development of CDP and overall development of Cuttack City the Planning Branch play a key role in this regards.

Activities (Work Done) of Planning Wing From January, 2008 to September, 2008
1.Building Plan Applications for Approval  

No. of application received



No. of application approved



No. application refused



Show cause issued to the No. applicants



No. of application under process


2.Issue of Electrical N.O.C.

No. of application received.



No. of application  disposed



No. of application under process


3.Issue of N.O.C. for Lease of Govt. Land

No. of letter received



No. of cases N.O.C. issued



No. of cases under process


4.Land Use Information
(i) No. of application received 19
(ii) No. of application disposed 19
5.O.L.R. Cases
(i) No. of application received 405
(ii) No. of application disposed 405
6.Application Under  R.T.I.
(i) No. of application received 50
(ii) No. of application disposed 44
(iii) No. of application under process 06
7.Preparation of  Layout Maps/Drawing & Survey Work
(i) Prepared the survey map of Sector-6 over plot No.3 (P) 4 & 6 (with detail dimension & measurement) at Markat Nagar, Bidanasi Project Area.
(ii) Prepared the survey map (additional land) in Sector-13 for construction of 30’-0” wide Periphery Road (protect wall of Sector-13, south of the Kharasua Nallah).
(iii) Prepared the detail sketch map over plot No.13 & 14 in Sector-1 allotted in favour of ‘E’ city & others, Bidanasi Project Area.
(iv) Prepared the survey map (with measurement) showing the construction made by A.B.I.T. over plot No. 11/1(A) & 11/1(B) at Markat Nagar, Sector-1.
(v) Prepared the detail survey list of free area with colour map by the orders of Hon’ble High Court.
(vi) Prepared the possession map in different Sectors (damage map).
(vii) Prepared the part layout map in different sectors.
(viii) Prepared the modified layout map of Sector-12 (64” = 1 mile) & 32” = 1 mile) Bidanasi Project Area.
(ix) Prepared the revised layout map of Sector-1 in corporate with commercial plots.

The detail survey/clamping/dimension work (within Balance Area) of Sector-1 continuing for preparation of Area Registrar.

8.Cases in Appellate Court
  Months No. of Cases
  January 31
  February 40
  March 12
  April 07
  May 02
  June 17
  July 09
  August 22
  September 34
  Octobar 10
  Total 184
9. Unauthorized Cases
(i) No. of unauthorised cases detected 133
(ii) No. of cases sent for initiation of U.C. Cases 101
(iii) No. of cases dropped 05
(iv) No. of cases under process 27
    10.Views Sent to Law Officer’s Court
  Months Number
  January 6 Nos.
  February 3 Nos.
  March 3 Nos.
  April 5 Nos.
  May 2 Nos.
  June Nil
  July 4 Nos.
  August Nil
  September 4 Nos.
  October 3 Nos.
11. Views Sent to Secretary’s Court
  Months Number
  January 6
  February 5
  March 8
  April 9
  May 13
  June 04
  July 05
  August 12
  September 13
  October 04
(i) Planning Section offer views after due inspection of site in all transfer cases.
(ii) Planning Member & A.T.P. are the Members of Traffic & Transportation Committee formed in accordance with the order passed by Hon’ble High Court and attend the meeting as and where conveyed.
(iii) Planning wing has completed existing land use & other survey relating to preparation of I.D.P. for newly included 37 villages.
(iv) Planning wing has prepared the Regularisation Scheme (Amnesty) and sent to Govt. for necessary approval (the salient feature and the point of departure from Bhubaneswar Scheme is attached in Annexure-A for kind perusal).